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Godspeed 'Speed God' Athletic Socks - Pink


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Customer Reviews

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Carol C. (Seattle, US)
Super Socks!

I have several pairs of God Speed socks. They fit well, are comfortable and feel really good when I cycle and run.

Carol - Thrilled to hear you're loving your Godspeed Socks! It's fantastic that they're serving you well on both your runs and rides. Comfort and fit are what we strive for, so you can focus on breaking your records, not your gear. Keep flying and thanks for the super feedback! ‍♀️‍♀️


These are just excellent for ultra marathon racing and training.

Troy - Thanks a ton! Thrilled they're your go-to for those epic ultra marathons and training sessions. Keep crushing those miles! 🏃‍♂️💨

Robby L.
Hands down the best socks I’ve ever owned

Found this company a few years ago, love the socks, they’re not super thin, but not thick either, perfect for cycling, looking forward to getting more

Robby - Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that our socks are hitting the mark for you, especially since finding the right thickness is key for comfortable cycling. It's great customers like you that motivate us to keep our standards high. We can't wait to provide you with even more socks that you'll love in the future. Happy cycling!

Customer (Soldotna, US)
sensational! top of the pile (from a self proclaimed sock hoarder)

saw some photos of them on IG and was sent a pair to try through a monthly raffle- didn't even get through a full day (run, work, bike race) and I was hooked! ordered more pairs of GODSPEED and am eagerly awaiting the next color release as these are the ones I reach for daily. Supportive but not constricting, soft but not too thick, even worked well in the sheeting rain and mud washed right out after a nasty hill climb up a glacial silt infused Alaskan logging road.

From one sock enthusiast to another, sounds like you've found your sole-mate in Godspeed! Our design mantra? Perfect for glacial climbs and cozy couch times alike. We're thrilled you're eagerly awaiting our next colors - we promise they'll be just as 'sensational!' Keep on rocking and socking! ‍♂️

Michael T.
Great Socks

I bought 3 pair after seeing them on Facebook, I don’t even wear any of my others sock any more. Soft comfortable material and good support.

Michael - Sounds like your other socks might be feeling a bit sad about the situation, but we're definitely happy for you and your feet! Thanks for giving us a chance to be your top choice. Keep rocking those comfy steps!