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Essential Athletic Socks - Sangria Purple


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Customer Reviews

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Jody G. (Littleton, US)
Smooth as butter

Lightweight, simple and stylish. Only time will tell if they hold their solid fit. Fingers crossed they do.

Jody - We're thrilled to hear you're enjoying the smooth, buttery feel of our socks! We've crafted them to be lightweight, simple, and stylish, exactly as you described. In our experience, they should have no problem maintaining their solid fit through time. Keep us posted on how they hold up. Thanks for choosing us and for your trust in our gear!

Cecil G. (Greenville, US)
Socky -Sational

The Socks are Great! I have used several brands and by far these are my favorite. It's not only because I have used and still use and even have some of my clients using the phrase Godspeed. I guess 1982 High School History Class did have a positive effect on my Life, Godspeed, John Glenn! , NASA 1962 Mission Control at the blast off of the 1st Orbit of the Earth.

Cecil - Socky-sational indeed! We're over the moon to hear we've launched your sock experience to new heights, surpassing other brands in your galaxy of gear. It sounds like 1982 and John Glenn have propelled you (and now your clients) towards a stellar choice in socks. Here's to history class unexpectedly boosting our sock game! Keep on orbiting in comfort, and may all your adventures be blessed with a hearty 'Godspeed!'

Brent M. (Phoenix, US)
Nebula Blue Godspeed Socks Rule

Bought these hoping they would match the blue in a jersey my wife designed for her line of kit featuring Phoenix's beautiful South Mountain. (www.somophoenix.com). Hooray, they look great with my "To the Towers" jersey!!! Thanks Godspeed.

Brent -
We're over the moon (or should we say 'nebula'?) to hear our socks perfectly complemented the jersey. Thanks for pairing us with the beauty of Phoenix's South Mountain. Ride on and rock that 'To the Towers' jersey with pride and style! ‍♂️✨


Very nice socks, I feel quite happy with my purchase.

Courtney S. (Minneapolis, US)
Awesome socks!

I love these socks. They have the same feel as other Godspeed socks, which is great on long trail runs. I wore Godspeed socks for a 50k a few weeks ago and didn't get any blisters or discomfort. These ones fit more snuggly to my feet than the striped ones, which is perfect (the heel is at the heel!). I love the saturated colors of them.

Hey Courtney, we're thrilled to hear that you're loving your Godspeed socks on those long trail runs - and congrats on the 50k, that's an amazing accomplishment! It's fantastic to know our socks are up to the challenge and keeping your feet comfortable and blister-free. We're glad you're also digging the snug fit and our vibrant colors. Happy running! ‍♀️