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Biking in Texas Hill Country

March 09, 2023 2 min read


Biking in Texas Hill Country - Godspeed Socks

Photo by David Hager on Unsplash

Welcome to our latest blog post brought to you by Godspeed Socks! We're excited to continue our series of highlighting the top road biking and cycling spots around America, and today we'll be exploring the scenic region of The Texas Hill Country.

Nestled in central Texas, The Texas Hill Country is a favorite among local cyclists for its challenging climbs, winding roads, and breathtaking views. With a variety of routes to choose from, there's something for every level of cyclist, whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner looking for a leisurely ride.

One of the most popular routes is the Willow City Loop, which takes you through fields of wildflowers and past historic farms and ranches. This 22-mile route offers a mix of flat stretches and challenging climbs, making it a great option for those looking for a varied ride.

For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Devil's Backbone is a must-ride. This 64-mile route offers stunning views of the Hill Country and a series of steep climbs that will test even the most experienced cyclists.

If you're looking for a shorter ride, the LBJ State Park is a great option. This 10-mile route takes you through scenic landscapes and past the former ranch of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

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We hope you enjoyed this guide to road biking in The Texas Hill Country and that it inspires you to plan your next cycling adventure. Happy riding!