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Awesome Reviews

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These are just excellent for ultra marathon racing and training.

Boogie Athletic Socks - Black w/ White Stripes

Harry - Thanks for the 5 stars! Keep on boogie-ing in your new socks! #HappyFeet

Hands down the best socks I’ve ever owned

Found this company a few years ago, love the socks, they’re not super thin, but not thick either, perfect for cycling, looking forward to getting more

Robby - Thank you so much for your glowing review! We're thrilled to hear that our socks are hitting the mark for you, especially since finding the right thickness is key for comfortable cycling. It's great customers like you that motivate us to keep our standards high. We can't wait to provide you with even more socks that you'll love in the future. Happy cycling!

Nebula Blue Godspeed Socks Rule

Bought these hoping they would match the blue in a jersey my wife designed for her line of kit featuring Phoenix's beautiful South Mountain. ( Hooray, they look great with my "To the Towers" jersey!!! Thanks Godspeed.

Brent -
We're over the moon (or should we say 'nebula'?) to hear our socks perfectly complemented the jersey. Thanks for pairing us with the beauty of Phoenix's South Mountain. Ride on and rock that 'To the Towers' jersey with pride and style! ‍♂️✨

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Customer (Soldotna, US)
sensational! top of the pile (from a self proclaimed sock hoarder)

saw some photos of them on IG and was sent a pair to try through a monthly raffle- didn't even get through a full day (run, work, bike race) and I was hooked! ordered more pairs of GODSPEED and am eagerly awaiting the next color release as these are the ones I reach for daily. Supportive but not constricting, soft but not too thick, even worked well in the sheeting rain and mud washed right out after a nasty hill climb up a glacial silt infused Alaskan logging road.

From one sock enthusiast to another, sounds like you've found your sole-mate in Godspeed! Our design mantra? Perfect for glacial climbs and cozy couch times alike. We're thrilled you're eagerly awaiting our next colors - we promise they'll be just as 'sensational!' Keep on rocking and socking! ‍♂️

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Michael T.
Great Socks

I bought 3 pair after seeing them on Facebook, I don’t even wear any of my others sock any more. Soft comfortable material and good support.

Michael - Sounds like your other socks might be feeling a bit sad about the situation, but we're definitely happy for you and your feet! Thanks for giving us a chance to be your top choice. Keep rocking those comfy steps!

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Nicole R. (Muskegon, US)
Thanks Godspeed!

My daughter had a fantastic time at North County Trail Run. I love that my daughter loves to run trails. She is only 14 years old, so we are always looking for gear that is not just comfortable but also makes her feel safe and gives her the confidence to race down hills. Her pink GODSPEED ATHLETIC SOCKS gives her the confidence to achieve her dreams.

What an incredible journey for your daughter! We're beyond thrilled to know that our socks play a role in her trail adventures and help boost her confidence. So proud to be a part of her journey towards achieving her dreams. Keep on trail-blazing! ️

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Troy E.-.L.o.t.R. (Galway, IE)
Conversation Starter

Very popular to wear these on a trans-Atlantic flight, and also to compete in a road race in Ireland. They definitely get noticed in a positive way! More colors, please.

Troy - Jet-setting with style! ✈️ Thrilled to hear Godspeed Socks are turning heads from the skies to Irish roads. More colors coming your way soon. Safe travels and swift races! ‍

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Gary L. (Stuart, US)
Road Bike Sock Test

I ride 65 miles to test these compared to other brands I purchased on Amazon. Godspeed was heads above the rest in style and comfort! I only wish sizes were available for extra wide feet as it did feel a little too tight. But again Godspeed socks performed the best overall.

Gary - Thanks for putting Godspeed to the 65-mile test! ‍ Thrilled we outpaced the competition in style and comfort. We'll definitely note your feedback on sizes for wider feet. Happy riding and here's to many more miles together!

Boogie Striped Athletic Socks
Carlos A. (Stamford, US)
Best socks I've so far!

This socks are awesome, comfy for short or long rides. I'll recommend them to anyone! 🙌🏽💯

Carlos - So glad you're loving the socks on all your rides! And those photos you shared? Absolutely epic! Thanks for recommending us and keep on cruising in style.

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Paul D. (Los Angeles, US)
Best socks I've found

I have large calves and like a tall, super thin sock -- Very hard to find one that doesn't squeeze my calves. Only ones I had found were the S-Phyre by Shimano, which they don't sell in the States anymore. Glad I took a chance on GodSpeed. Hope they continue to introduce new styles/colors!

Paul, thrilled to hear our socks are a perfect fit for your needs! Keep an eye out for new styles and colors. We'll stick around for you. Happy riding! ‍♂️

Essential Athletic Socks
Courtney S. (Minneapolis, US)
Awesome socks!

I love these socks. They have the same feel as other Godspeed socks, which is great on long trail runs. I wore Godspeed socks for a 50k a few weeks ago and didn't get any blisters or discomfort. These ones fit more snuggly to my feet than the striped ones, which is perfect (the heel is at the heel!). I love the saturated colors of them.

Hey Courtney, we're thrilled to hear that you're loving your Godspeed socks on those long trail runs - and congrats on the 50k, that's an amazing accomplishment! It's fantastic to know our socks are up to the challenge and keeping your feet comfortable and blister-free. We're glad you're also digging the snug fit and our vibrant colors. Happy running! ‍♀️

Godspeed Athletic Socks
JohnnyFitness (Bar Harbor, US)
My go to socks

These socks are comfortable and durable. On the indoor trainer I sweat a ton but my feet never feel wet. I like the new styles without the brand so prominent.

Hey Johnny, thanks for your awesome review! Stoked to hear that your feet are staying dry and comfortable, even during those intense indoor training sessions. And we're glad you're digging our new styles - we were hoping the minimal branding would appeal to some! Also, your pic is epic - that lakeside route looks like a dream. Peace and pedal on! ‍♂️✌️

Essential Athletic Socks
Matthew P. (Bountiful, US)
Another banger!!

Best socks I’ve worn!! Won’t ride a bike without them.

Matthew, we're thrilled you think our socks are a 'banger'! It's great to be part of your ride. Thanks for your amazing support! (insert Sheamus tweet/meme here - haha)

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Adrian C. (Bethel, US)


Hey Adrian, Thank you for your loyalty from day 1! We're thrilled to be your go-to choice for socks. Here's to many more days of Godspeed comfort!

Essential Athletic Socks
Anthony J. (Cary, US)
The Essential line-up is the way to go!!!

At first look, straight out of the packaging, the colors definitely have a pop to them. The colors are deep and vibrant, which immediately makes a statement and catches your attention. As soon as the socks were on, the first thing I noticed was the comfort. The socks felt immediately secure, with no bunching at the toe and ankle, which is an issue I’ve had with several other brands. This was also noticeable over the course of 3-4 hour rides. I’ve experienced slippage inside the shoe with other sock brands, but not once did I experience this with the Essential line-up.

Hey Anthony, Wow! Your feedback helps us stride forward confidently, knowing our socks are doing the job right - no slippage, no bunching, just pure comfort. Here's to many more secure, comfortable, and vibrant rides! ‍♂️

Essential Athletic Socks
Debra (Pompano Beach, US)
New Bright and Cheery Colors

Comfy and cheery socks! Whether biking or running, they feel great!

Debra! Thanks for your bright and cheery review! It certainly put a pep in our step and a grin on our faces. We're thrilled that our socks are adding comfort and cheer to your biking and running adventures. Keep on movin' and groovin'! ‍♀️‍♀️

Boogie Striped Athletic Socks
Courtney S. (Minneapolis, US)
Nice but big

These socks are a great fabric. I wear them on long runs and don't get blisters. However, I wish they made a smaller size option. I wear a women's shoe size 8 - 8.5, and the s/m (smallest option offered) is a little too big, so the heel is behind my ankle. I'd buy more of these socks if they made slightly smaller ones.

Thank you so much for your honest feedback on our socks! We're thrilled to hear that you've had positive experiences with the fabric and performance on your long runs.

We understand that sizing can be tricky, and we strive to design our socks to conform to a wide range of foot sizes. Your feedback about the need for smaller sizes has been duly noted. We're always seeking to refine our products and services to better meet the needs of our community.

In the future, we are looking into expanding our size range to accommodate more foot sizes. We value your feedback as it aids in this improvement process.

Thanks again for being a valued Godspeed Socks customer. We'll keep you posted about our sizing updates!

Essential Athletic Socks
K.C. (Miami, US)

I like the new color scheme on the socks. Is it possible to have the GOD SPEED printed on the back of the sock like the other socks?

We're thrilled to hear that you appreciate the new color scheme on The Essential line. These socks were designed with a more minimalistic approach in mind, hence the limited branding. However, we're excited to share that we'll be expanding our SPEED GOD line soon with more colorways that will include the iconic GODSPEED print on the back of the sock.

Thank you for being part of our Godspeed family and for your valuable feedback. Stay tuned for our upcoming releases!

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Robert S. (San Antonio, US)
fantastic feel

Loved the socks, just putting them on felt great.
During and after my 1st ride (70miles) never even though about them. The just disappeared on my feet. Very, very pleased. Thank you and God Speed!

Robert - We're thrilled to hear that you loved your new Speed God Socks and they provided comfort during your impressive 70-mile ride! That's exactly the kind of seamless experience we aim for. Thanks for your kind words and happy riding!

Boogie Striped Athletic Socks
Brandon (Louisville, US)
Boogie down!!!

These are my favorite socks! The material is breathable, durable and stain resistant over many years of heavy use for 6-10 hr rides and events both on and off-road. The elastic stays tight and color fades minimally over a long time. I bought a set a few years ago, and only bought more because most of my other non-Godspeed socks wore out!

We're thrilled that our socks have become your go-to choice for those epic rides and adventures. It's great to hear that they've stood the test of time, with breathability, durability, and color retention all in check. Keep enjoying your Godspeed Socks and happy trails to you!

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Will L. (West Valley City, US)
Amazing Socks

I purchased a set for my friend and he LOVES THEM!

Thank you for sharing the love of Godspeed Socks with your friend! It's fantastic to hear that he LOVES them! We truly appreciate your support and hope you both continue to enjoy the comfort, style, and performance our socks provide.

Keep spreading the sock joy, and have an amazing day!

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Debra (Margate, US)
Super and Simple

The design of the socks are simple, with a simple message giving the wearer hope and positivity. The perfect amount of compression for any length run or bike ride. The customer service is wonderful. I feel like they recognize me as an individual, not just a buyer.

First off, we must apologize for our late response - we've been busy perfecting our sock game! We're so glad you appreciate the simple design and the positive vibes our socks bring.

We truly value every single person who interacts with our brand, whether they make a purchase or not. You're more than just a buyer to us; you're part of the Godspeed Socks family. Thanks for the kind words about our customer service, and remember, we're here for you anytime!

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Brian M. (Houston, US)
Great Socks

These socks are the most comfortable sock I’ve ever purchased I will be buying more.

Godspeed Athletic Socks
Noémi M.S. (Miami, US)
Best athlete socks

I love the style and comfort, very good material.